Admiring the seasonal beauty of Mt. Haruna,
Overlooking the vast Kanto Plain,
The charm of the emerald green lake drawing you in,
Let's aim high for the sky blue sky.

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Date of Operation
【April-November】9:00-17:00(The last ropeway ride uphill is at 16:30 (4:30 pm) ).
【December-March】9:00-16:00(The last ropeway ride uphill is at 15:30 (3:30 pm) ).
*A gondola departs every 15 minutes.
*The transportation time is approximately 2 minutes 50 seconds.
Ropeway fare
The fares below have been adjusted since December 1, 2023
Individual Group of
25-50 people
Group of
51-100 people
Group of
101 people or more
One way Adult ¥500 ¥450 ¥430 ¥400
Child ¥250 ¥230 ¥220 ¥200
Round trip Adult ¥950 ¥860 ¥810 ¥760
Child ¥470 ¥430 ¥400 ¥380
  • *Adults must be at least 13 years old. Children must be between 7 and 12 years old. Children under 7 are free.
  • *Primary and elementary school students will be charged the same fare as 7- to 12-year-olds.
  • *A 50% off fare is available to those with a physical, intellectual, or mental disability certificate. Please bring and display the certificate.
  • *A 50% off fare is available for one caregiver for each person with a disability certificate..
Haruna Ropeway Parking Lot (Standard-sized car 37 slots, Motorcoach 8 slots, free)

Mt. Haruna and Lake Haruna

Mount Haruna is not a single mountain, but a generic name for several mountains, including Mount Haruna Fuji, Mount Kamongatake (1,449 meters / 1585 yards), and Mount Eboshigadake. Mt. Haruna is located in the central part of Gunma Prefecture and is part of a trio of mountains called Jomo-Sanzan, along with Mt. Akagi and Mt. Myogi. It is believed that a volcano has continuously erupted since 500,000 years ago. About 220,000 years ago, an explosion created a caldera, which became and is known as Lake Haruna now. Mt. Haruna Fuji, where the ropeway station is located, offers a panoramic view of the Tanigawa mountain range, Mount Asama, Kanto Plain, and even Mount Fuji on clear days.


Haruna-Fujisan Shrine

The Haruna-Fujisan Shrine is located on the summit of Mount Haruna, which can be reached by ropeway. The Haruna-Fujisan Shrine is a powerful place where you can wish for romance and safe delivery.
A wish is said to be granted if you buy an "ema" at the Haruna Kogen Station at the foothill terminal of the ropeway and tie it at the shrine at the summit of the mountain.
The origin of Fujisan Shrine: "There used to be a small shrine called Fujisan Shrine where the goddess Konohanasakuyabime-no-Mikoto was enshrined. She was worshipped as the goddess of marriage and childbirth. The shrine became a subsidiary shrine of Haruna Shrine in 1909. However, when the ropeway was opened in 1958, it was not possible to locate the Fujisan Shrine. Haruna-Fujisan shrine was reconstructed in 1964 on the site where Fujisan shrine is believed to be originally located."



845-1 Harunasan Town, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture 370-3348, Japan

By car

  • About 21 km (13 miles) from Kan-etsu Expressway via Exit #12 (Shibukawa-Ikaho IC)

By Shinkansen/train

  • From JR Takasaki Station, take the Gunma Bus (toward Lake Haruna) for about 1 hour and 25 minutes ⇒ Get off at the last stop, Lake Haruna ⇒ 20 minutes on foot
  • From JR Shibukawa Station, take the Kanetsu Kotsu "toward Ikaho Onsen" for about 30 minutes ⇒ Get off at "Ikaho Bus Terminal" ⇒ tranfer to the Gunma Bus "toward K Onsen Yusuge" for about 25 minutes ⇒ Get off at "In front of the ropeway"